Hi, I'm Gail!  I think you'll see here that I'm incredibly passionate about photographing the littlest of people!  I absolutely love to create beautiful art out of this most precious time, newborn to one year.  It truly brings amazing joy to my mama heart to capture the personality, quirky uniqueness and stunning beauty of your perfect little one!  From those flaky, fresh toes to that scrunchy "stink face" of your one year old... I adore it all.

When I'm not snuggling other people's precious babies, I'm home spending time with my husband, son and two dogs- my most favorite place to be with my most favorite people!  There's a chance on weekends you might catch me leading worship at my church and an even better chance you'll find me with some coffee and Netflix, or killing a game of Tetris.  

I hope to see you soon!

(Gail Jones Photography- Jamestown/Greensboro, NC)